Making homemade Dolmades with our summer squash

The great thing about summer squash is that it can be added to almost anything: contributing to the flavour and nutritional value of dishes. Last night, we made homemade vegetarian Dolmades. We had a bunch of grape leaves after trimming our grape vine. Rather than composting these trimmings, we decided to cook with them instead. Using the grape leaves as the wrap, we first blanched and then filled them with a mixture of our diced Ronde de Nice summer squash, beluga lentils, brown Basmati rice, sweet bell peppers, walnuts, white onion, mint, dill, tamari, salt and pepper and our fresh minced summer garlic.

A blanched grape leaf wih filling

Fold in the sides

And then roll up from the bottom making sure to carefully keep the sides tucked in.

The mixture of ingredients

Once ready, we poured a brine of lime juice, Braggs, olive oil and sliced summer garlic over the wraps and baked them in our convection oven for 25 minutes at 350.

the brine we poured over the dish.

It was amazing!! The grape leaves have such a nice citrus tartness to them. What a great feeling of satisfaction to learn to use new ingredients, that we wouldn’t normally have thought of, from our own backyard grape vine. I have to admit, it was originally my mother’s idea! And, thanks to Kristy Wedel for helping make and eat them 🙂

Just out of the oven and ready to eat!


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