The Amazing Pumpkin Tureen!

It is that time of year, where you are beginning to anticipate the coming of fall and all its harvest. Pumpkin soup, or stew, is nutritious and warming as the days become shorter and the nights longer. However, have you ever thought to use the pumpkin itself as the baking dish?

Pumpkin Tureen Soup

You can cut open the top of the pumpkin, put in your ingredients, place the lid back on and bake it. Not only is it delicious and beautiful, because it showcases the pumpkin in its entirety, but it also cuts down on the dishes ;). Make sure to pick up some of One Love’s organic sugar pumpkins to use. Those big jack o’lantern pumpkins at the grocery store aren’t grown for flavour.

Chris delighted with our discovery of the pumpkin as a vessel.

About One Love Farm

We are a small-scale organic farm, using sustainable farming methods, to grow a variety of heritage vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for local restaurants, markets and our road-side stand.
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