Open today, 3-7pm

Good Morning Everyone,

We just wanted to remind you that our farm stand is now open on Tuesdays 3pm until 7 pm as well as the usual  Fridays and Saturdays. Today, our super-volunteer, Chrissy, will spend the day
 picking buckets of snow peas and snap peas.For those of you who have not tried  “fresh from the vine” peas, you are in for a real treat. Sweet, snappy, and oh so tasty! For those of you who haven’t met Chrissy… well, you’re in for another treat. With her vast knowledge of simple and healthy plant-based food preparation, delivered with a humble and positive style, you will leave our farm stand with many ingredients and ideas to prepare healthy, fresh, and tasty meals for you and your family!  Chrissy will be helping at the stand until 5pm. We are so happy to have her in our One Love family!
      Organic produce also at our farm stand today:
                 Butterhead lettuce (big, soft, and beautiful) Great for wraps
                 Multileaf lettuce – head lettuce with baby leaves (make one cut and you have an instant salad)
                 Spinach – bunching type- Spanikopita anyone?
                 Spring garlic- Steamed, it’s garlic’s answer to asparagus… if asparagus was a question, that is.
                 Scallions from Randy’s greenhouse at Baker Breeze farm
                 Gai Lan- broccoli’s answer to asparagus
                 Sap and snow peas
                 Collard greens (Becky and I fell in love with these wonderful creamy greens last weekend)
and probably a couple more things I have forgotten such as summer squash starts and culinary herbs upon request.
    We look forward to seeing you there.

About One Love Farm

We are a small-scale organic farm, using sustainable farming methods, to grow a variety of heritage vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for local restaurants, markets and our road-side stand.
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