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Grasshopper liking the kale

Good morning everyone,

      This is such a beautiful time of year to be working in the fields!  The refreshingly cool mornings and evenings make it a pleasure to be outside, yet there is  enough warmth during the day to ripen those heat-loving crops like tomatoes. Did someone say tomatoes? I believe I did. I’m mainly growing an heirloom variety called Mountain Princess. She’s a beautiful round, red, juicy type with that classic sweet and tangy tomato flavour. This versatile tomato works well for sandwiches, salsas. sauces and even salads. It may even have  uses that begin with other letters besides “s”, but I can’t think of any at the moment… soup?… aargh… that starts with “s” too. How about gazpacho? Perfect! Anyhow, we will have lots of these tasty treats available at our farm stand and the farmer’s Market this week.

    Also available at our farm stand on Tuesday and Friday from 3pm until 7pm on the corner of McCallum and Huntingdon and the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market on Saturday 9am until 1pm:

   Potatoes (German butter and Yukon Gold)

   Carrots (Rainbow and oange)

   Beets (Red, golden, and chioggio)

   Lettuce (lovelock)

   Garlic (red russian)

   Tomatoes (as mentioned above… the beautiful Mountain Princess)

   Kale ( lacinato, scarlet, and winterbor aka green curly)

   Collard Greens

   Chard (green savoy)

   summer squash (trio of varieties)

   Cucumbers ( field, english and the infamous Silver Slicer)

   Beans (green or yellow pole beans)

   Onions (variety of shapes and colours)

   Dahlia bunches (afeastfor your eyes)

   Unpasteurized honey (sweet nectar)

I hope to see you there! Thank’you,






About One Love Farm

We are a small-scale organic farm, using sustainable farming methods, to grow a variety of heritage vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for local restaurants, markets and our road-side stand.
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