Summer Honey and “We Heart Local” Nomination

Nastutiums at top and arugula blossoms at bottom Photo by Davina Graham







Hello Everyone,

At One Love Farm, we love growing edible flowers. We often  let plants such as arugula and radish continue to grow so we can harvest their aromatic, tasty little flora. Not only us, but the bees love them as well. I don’t know how many times I’ve reached around to pluck a perfect borage blossom, and found myself nearly pinching the pollen-dusted bottom of one of my apian friends. “Pardon me!”, I say.  But the bees don’t seem to mind as they continue to produce such wonderful honey for us. Speaking of which, we now have a fresh batch of unpasteurized summer honey available for sale.

Also, we are honoured to have been nominated for one of the We Heart Local Awards. Please click on the link to vote for us or any of your other favourite local producers. Voting begins tomorrow and runs until September 16th. Thank-you

Also at our Farm Stand On Tuesday and Friday 3pm-7pm and The Abbotsford Farm and Country Market on Saturday from 9am-1pm:

Dahlia flower bunches






Red Russian Garlic




Collard Greens


Sumer squash

Asian Eggplant

Unpasteurised Honey

Thank-you, and see you there,

Farmer Chris


About One Love Farm

We are a small-scale organic farm, using sustainable farming methods, to grow a variety of heritage vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for local restaurants, markets and our road-side stand.
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