About our farm


After four years as a locally supported small-scale farm in Abbotsford, offering high quality, local organic produce to our community, we find ourselves in a year of transition. Unable to renew the lease on our previous farm location, we are in search of the perfect parcel to re-establish our community supported farm.

Although we are not offering a CSA this year, Farmer Chris will still be visiting the Abbotsford Farmer’s Market on the occasional Saturday, 9-1pm with produce that he is growing this year.

In addition, Farmer Chris is immensely enjoying working with families to establish their own backyard vegetable gardens. Are you interested in having Chris help you and your family learn and grow vegetables this year? Send us an email with your interest/needs: oneloveorganicfarm@gmail.com


In naming our farm “One Love” we aim to acknowledge the universal and positive life force of love that can be found in one’s respectful connection with nature. We believe that we, all living things: plants, animals and humans, are all connected.

It is when we are working at our farm that we feel this connection the strongest: when we observe a family of grasshoppers swaying in the breeze and looking down on us from our highest dahlia, the hunt of a hawk watched several feet away, a visit from an owl who perches at the top of our greenhouse while we are inside of it, or the crescent moon that softly sheds light during an evening picking of vegetables.

Make sure to come by and visit us at the Abbotsford Farmer’s Market to see what we are doing at the farm and to share in the love.

Farm Stand Hours are unavailable for 2015.

Some things you may be wondering about:

Our happy and medicinal borage flowers: great steeped in tea for stress relief.

What is open-pollination?

Why is eating organic so important?

Why support small-scale farmers?

What are sustainable farming methods and why do these make a difference?

And, how does eating local help save the planet?

Check out our “Why we do what we do” page for further exploration of these topics 🙂

6 Responses to About our farm

  1. Love Joy says:

    I LOVE what you & Becky are doing Chris…It was great to meet you this evening & look forward to visiting your farm again soon….Namaste Joy

  2. Love Joy says:

    Dave & I are officially addicted to your love-ly veggies!! Thank you for bringing your philosophy & love to Abbotsford!! Namaste 🙂

  3. Bibi Kearney says:

    Great farm, great vegetables, great price and beautiful flowers. Chris and Becky are wonderful, thanks, Bibi

  4. Dr Erikson says:

    Hi Chris,
    Just came across your farm’s website via a link that Renee commented on. Such beautiful work! I am very happy for you – both for the abundant gardens and the marriage! Congrats my old friend! I hope to visit sometime soon, now that I know where and what you are up to 🙂

    Much love

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  6. I was directed to your site by a fellow vegan, and I cannot wait to come see ………wow, I have passed your farm many times in my travels, ❤
    Hugzzz and Namaste

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